A word from one of our Sponsors

David Harris, owner of Target Fire Protection has sponsored the start-up business category for the past two years. Speaking at the launch of the 2013 awards David explains why the awards benefit both the sponsor and the finalists;

“The Rochdale Business Awards are a great event and we thoroughly enjoyed it in 2011. So much so that we said we’ll sponsor again in 2012 where we booked an additional table because not only were we trying to promote our business we were also rewarding our staff and making a good night of it.

For not a great amount of money (for the sponsorship) you receive exposure in the paper on a regular basis – I’d like to think that there are one or two contracts we have now because people are now aware that we are here and that we are taking part in promoting other business’s in Rochdale.

Tracing steps (2011 Start-up winners) have benefited from it greatly, and there’s some young business’s that you need to know are there and it’s a good way of them getting the message across that they’re just starting up and taking the risk. They need a little bit of help.

This year it was Warburton Estates that we put forward because we thought what they had done was great. There was others there that we thought maybe we should have a second prize for, because of all the effort they had put in.

When the Rochdale Business Awards first came we needed a feel good factor, we didn’t have it and there was a lot of bad press about rochdale and it’s not true, there are some good people and business’s in Rochdale and it was all about promoting it.”